A Wanderluster with a Camera

I’m a seasoned wedding photographer who captures your wedding as if there will never be another like it. Because there never will.

Since picking up a camera, photography has taken me on a journey. From breathtaking snow-capped peaks to rugged seascapes and across the lush, verdant mountains of Southeast Asia, I’ve witnessed the beauty of the natural world.

Having traversed the wondrous corners of the planet, I’ve been blessed with an intimate view of the rich and diverse lives of humans and the expressions of love that make life so bright. Capturing the essence of joy in your wedding is a fine art, and it’s one I’ve refined over years of being the keen observer behind the lens.

The memories of your wedding day are three-dimensional, and that’s how my photos feel. When you hold your photos in your hands, they’ll take you right back to that moment—one that lives beyond the confines of a screen or a piece of paper.

Your day is important to me, and I can’t hide it. That’s why I get on so well with your parents and grandparents, soon-to-be in-laws, best friends, and distant relations you haven’t seen for about 20 years. It’s why you’ll see me going above and beyond to get the right shot in any venue, weather, or far-flung setting.

It’s an honour to be a part of the happy ending to one chapter of your story and the beginning of the next.

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What to expect from my style and approach

Editorial, candid, documentary, narrative. What I call my photography style doesn't actually matter. What matters is how you feel on the day and how your photos make you feel in the days, weeks, and years to come.

That said, there's nothing worse than a cookie-cutter approach to wedding photography. Your day isn’t just another wedding on my books. I select the weddings I photograph based on how well we feel we connect and only when I know I can give your vision the justice it deserves

I match your energy on your day. You won't find me endlessly lurking in the background, nor will I be bringing the mood down with lengthy, organised shoots. I will move with you and be moved by you throughout the day. Think laid back, natural, and unobtrusive, seizing opportunities throughout the day without interrupting the flow. When it comes to posed shots of the wedding party, family, and just the two of you, the most important thing is making your people feel relaxed and confident. Smooth directive cues come afterwards. 

Mine is a human, intimate style that captures the beauty in a private and timeless moment. When it comes to shots of you two, I'll find a quiet, gentle space where your latest expression of love can sink in.

I favour analogue over digital. It's why I choose to make coffee from whole beans. It's why I choose to listen to music on vinyl, and it's why I choose to take photos on film as well as digital and put emphasis on delivering something you can hold in your hand.


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