If you are looking for a Wedding Florist in the North West of the U.K., be sure to check out Sarah at The Rose Boutique. Located in Wigan in Greater Manchester, Sarah has been running The Rose Boutique for 9 years now, making beautiful floral installations for Brides and Grooms all over, from small, intimate arrangements to lavish, grand installations that transform your wedding venue into something truly wonderful.

I recently spent the day with Sarah, making photos and chatting about wedding floristry.

About Sarah and The Rose Boutique

Gareth – Hi! Its great to see you again. Tell me how long have you been running The Rose Boutique now?

Sarah – Its lovely to see you too! It was in 2012 when I did my first wedding as The Rose Boutique and then did some pop up shops at Windy Arbour Farm Shop and The Farm Shop at The Eagle and Child in Bispham Green.

It was 2014 when I set up my little shop at Derby House and that’s when things started to grow very quickly!

We had outgrown Derby House within a year as the weddings and events side of the business grew faster than I could have imagined. I think this was also down to the support of Ashfield House and I soon became their recommended supplier and proud to say I still am! That's when I decided to focus specifically on the weddings and events side of my business and stop doing retail flowers and things are going from strength to strength.

Gareth – Is there something in particular that gets you excited when speaking to a client about their wedding day flowers?

Sarah – There is and its tricky to explain but and I can usually tell as soon as I meet a couple if we are going to be working together. I love it when my couples are as excited to meet me as I am them. We spend the meeting bouncing design ideas off each other and I’m sure every florist will agree with me, that when your couple says ‘we trust you, just make it amazing’ it’s the most loveliest of compliments.

The Details

Gareth – What kinds of budgets do potential couples need to work with you on their florals?

Sarah – Every wedding is different and there are so many factors to take into account when pricing a wedding but generally, my couples spend on average £1,800 - £2,000, although once you start to add floral arches, suspended designs, church flowers etc then you’d be looking at paying more. 

Gareth – What should couples look for when booking their florist?

Sarah – I think the most important thing is to find a florist whose style you love. I can’t stress this enough. You will find it so easy to work with them and although a good florist can adapt to whatever you ask them for, to love their style already will be an added bonus and what they will create for you will be magical.

For me, I also say choose a florist who you get on with too and who understands your vision. A florist who you feel comfortable with means once again you will get the best results from them.

Price is also an important factor to consider when choosing a florist. All good florists know how to price their services, flowers and designs and there is a general formula which most experienced florists work to. If you find one florist charges you £125 for a bouquet and another quotes you £80 you have to ask yourself why? There are a couple of reasons. The quality of the flowers, variety of flowers and size of design can all be huge factors in determining the price. Everyone is familiar with roses, right? Did you know that a rose can cost anything from under £1 per stem to £7 per stem! That’s a massive difference and this has to be taken into consideration when costing up a bouquet. For me using these beautiful top end luxury flowers is a must in my designs and what The Rose Boutique has become known for. A bride once wanted peonies that where just out of season and my supplier was able to get them. They would have retailed at £10 per stem! Just for one peony!

So although shopping around is a good thing but you must factor all the above elements in when choosing your florist.

The Flowers

Gareth – Do you have a favourite type of flower or arrangement at the moment?

Sarah – Hmmmmmmmmm that’s a tricky question. I just love beautiful blooms. I love as the seasons change and the different seasonal blooms start to appear at my suppliers. The ruffles of the ranunculus in spring are a favourite along with hellebore and fritillary. Then there’s the fluffy peonies and scented sweet peas of early summer and then the vibrant colours and textures of dahlias in the late summer early autumn and the fabulous trumpets of Amaryllis in the winter. I love them all. Of course my favourites are the Roses.

Gareth - You've mentioned roses a few times now and I see we're using roses today for this arrangement. Tell me about them.

Sarah - These particular roses are called White Naomi Roses from my favourite rose supplier, Porta Nova who are based in The Netherlands. As well as being beautiful to look at, they have a very long vase life and are a stunning event rose.

And Finally

Gareth – When would be the best time to enquire and book your florist?

Sarah – I always tell my couples to get their wedding vendors booked as soon as possible. Good vendors get booked up on key dates especially in the summer months.

Gareth – How are your bookings looking for this year?

Sarah – CRAZY! We’ve got the busiest summer to date ahead of us. Obviously with the pandemic we have had lots of couples postpone to this summer and its going to me amazing to finally be working on their weddings. Next years bookings are coming in thick and fast as I feel couples are beginning to have confidence again when it comes to booking their weddings so we are looking forward to meeting them.

If you're looking for your wedding florist in the North West U.K. and beyond, you can find Sarah at theroseboutique.co.uk, for stunning florals to take your wedding day to the next, beautiful level.