Destination Wedding Photography

Where will your love take you?

The story of your elopement to distant lands.

Are you the main characters in your movie? Or are you getting back to your roots and sharing heritage with your loved one? There’s always a magical story behind an elopement, the kind that makes your eyes light up when you tell me what’s in store. I can’t wait to document the start of your next chapter in a fairytale setting.

I’m a seasoned destination wedding photographer and traveller and thrive on being dropped in a totally unfamiliar environment. Whether we’re preserving a night of dancing under the midnight sun in Iceland, framing cherished memories against the glittering waters of Lake Garda, or soaking in the tranquillity of the wildflower-adorned Oregon woodlands, I’ll be your storyteller.

More about me and my process

A destination wedding photographer, UK-based, available worldwide.

From my home in Cheshire, I’ve been globetrotting for years to far-flung destinations for elopements. From Iceland to Italy and Austria to America, what makes me love elopements is the magical destinations my couples hold dear to their hearts. Allowing me to explore these places and be part of your precious moment is an honour.

The process is smooth and streamlined. With some discussion and details from you, I will arrange my route and stay around your plans; one less thing to worry about in a sea of planning.

Elope to the UK with a British photographer

From rolling green hills to cobbled winding streets and majestic castles, the UK is a fairytale destination for expats and international couples who want a scenic and atmospheric backdrop to tie the knot.

A British-native photographer is a wise option if you’re considering eloping to the UK. Shooting weddings in the UK is second nature to me, and I can smoothly guide you through the process. Knowing you're in good hands, the local insights, cultural nuances, and preparedness that I offer tick one big, potentially stressful thing off your list of wedding plans. Plus, no one knows how to anticipate British weather like a true Brit!

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What will you get from my service?

Your destination wedding photographer cost is obviously a top priority in your wedding plans and budget. Unlike my UK-local services, offering a flat fee is more tricky. I endeavour to give all my clients a fair and accurate price so each elopement is individually quoted. Apart from the destination wedding photographer travel fee, there are other things I’ll take into consideration:

  • Travel expenses such as flights and travel at the destination (e.g. car hire, public transport costs).
  • Accommodation expenses.
  • Viss and work permits.
  • Equipment insurance, baggage fees, and rental.
  • Coverage duration and editing.
  • Deliverables.

See full details of my packages and prices.


How much does a destination wedding photographer cost?

A.Providing a specific quote for destination photography is difficult because many variables affect pricing, such as travel, location, and duration. Any photographer that provides set prices for destination photography should be treated with caution, in my opinion, because there’s no way of knowing the fair price without these details. I always need to have a conversation about the details before providing an accurate quote.

Questions to ask a destination wedding photographer

A.Experience is one of the first things on clients’ minds when it comes to destination photography. The investment in time and costs means you want to be certain you’ve found the right fit for your elopement. Asking about previous work is a good place to start. You could ask to be taken through some portfolio work to understand the approach that produced images you like the look of.

Destination wedding photographers should be able to adapt to new environments with ease, but it might make you feel more comfortable to know they’ve shot at a location similar to yours before.

Other standard questions should be concerning turnaround time and costs. Ensure you get a quotation that includes travel, accommodation, and all other potential fees.

What is a destination wedding photographer?

A.A destination wedding photographer specialises in capturing weddings that take place away from the couple’s home or local area. Destination weddings often occur in scenic or exotic parts of the world. A good destination wedding photographer will be experienced in travelling and adapting to shooting in a variety of different environments. They are adept at shooting in challenging environments, unfamiliar settings, and unique situations beyond those of a wedding at a UK venue.