Here in the U.K. we have some truly wonderful wedding venues, from grand manor houses in England to castles in Scotland that are older than some countries. The traditional British wedding is a beautiful affair for sure but if you choose to go overseas to tie the knot, then you can literally open up a world of possibilities.

With Europe just a mere stones throw away from our Southern shores, why not explore the vineyards of Italy or take a boat ride on it's grand lakes after saying your vows? Embrace some traditional Spanish culture and dine out on paella and sangria then dance flamenco into the night where you can sit outdoors on tiled balconies that look out over the coast or rolling hills.

Alternatively, heading North of Scotland can, in just a couple of short hours, take you and your bridal party to the beauty of Scandinavia with it's lush green forests in the summer and freezing cold, snow covered landscapes during the winter months. Iceland is an increasingly popular destination where you can walk along volcanic sand beaches, stand on cliffs overlooking crashing oceans and learn about the legends of fairies that hide in the craggy, moss covered hillsides as well as saying your vows inside the most wonderful, tiny wooden churches.

With these wonderful options available by hopping on a short, inexpensive flight, why not round up a handful of your closest friends and family members and whisk them away to help you celebrate your nuptials somewhere extra special for a day you'll remember for a lifetime.